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Why Choose A Tiled Roof Over Glass or Polycarbonate?

Conservatory Roof Installation

Many homeowners are choosing to switch from outdated glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs to a more contemporary tiled option. Whether you are looking to install a new conservatory onto your home or you are thinking about updating your old conservatory, tiled roofs are a great option. Tiled roofs offer a multitude of benefits that hugely outweigh the cost of updating or conservatory roof installation.

Perhaps you feel like your conservatory is too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer or it's just too loud. If this is the case, a tiled roof can completely transform the space. Making it a room you will be able to spend more time in. Whether it’s squeezing in your extended family on Christmas day or hosting an intimate dinner party during a rainstorm.

Conservatory warm roof

If you’re considering updating your conservatory roof, but you’re unsure if it is the right choice, here’s why you should consider a tiled roof:

Improved Insulation

One benefit of a tiled conservatory roof installation is the improved insulation it offers. You can benefit from less cold escaping during the winter and less heat penetrating during the summer. You no longer have to worry about controlling the temperature of your conservatory as the tiles offer excellent insulation.

The tiles themselves provide a good level of thermal mass, which helps to regulate the temperature inside the conservatory. You can also fit insulation beneath the tiles which further helps to keep the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. Finally, the tiles can be fitted with a secondary glazing system, which provides an additional layer of insulation and helps to reduce noise levels.

Reduced Glare

One of the biggest issues with outdated conservatory roofs is the harsh glare. Transparent roofs offer an increased risk by allowing strong rays to pierce through. Not only are these glares distracting, but they can also cause damage over extended periods of time and can be very damaging to your eyes.

A tiled conservatory roof installation will significantly reduce the amount of glare and eliminate it altogether. This allows you to enjoy your conservatory a lot more, even on the brightest of days. This is particularly good if you have a tv or projector in your conservatory and use it to watch tv shows or movies. The glare can often make it impossible to see the tv screen, making it unusable. However, with a tiled roof, you can sit back and enjoy your favourite movie without being interrupted by glare.

Noise Cancellation

Tiled roofs do more than reduce glare and insulate the space, they can also reduce the noise. Conservatories are renowned for having bad acoustics and can make it unbearable to spend time in if there is heavy rain or a thunderstorm. The glass or polycarbonate roof makes the sound much louder than it really is and can feel deafening at times. A tiled roof is a great option and allows you to spend time in your conservatory as if it is any other room. This is a great benefit for many people and one of the main reasons many homeowners make the switch to a tiled conservatory.


Many people choose a conservatory roof replacement to update the look of their home. Glass or plastic roofs are very aesthetically outdated and make the house look aged. Particularly, if you or the previous owner hasn’t kept up with maintenance. Conservatories can often grow mould or mildew or hoard leaves, sticks and dirt in the gutters. If you have a glass or plastic rod, you can easily see the grime build-up and it doesn’t look great. A tiled roof blends seamlessly into the rest of your building and adds a more contemporary look - a great way to instantly update your home. Contemporary architecture is always changing so your old conservatory roof probably doesn’t suit your home anymore. Update your home with a tiled roof installation.

Low Maintenance

Glass roofs can always run the risk of leaks, especially if not installed properly. This is because there are multiple frames and panels that can potentially falter. Furthermore, most glass-roofed conservatories will experience rubber gasket deterioration after around ten years. If you have a polycarbonate roof, you may also find it is no longer water-tight after a decade which can lead to many problems including mould, ruined furniture or even the roof collapsing altogether.

Tiled roofs will fare much better against weather and moisture with much less maintenance. They are usually completed with plaster-board or tongue-and-groove interiors that make them even more resistant to leaks. There is a lot less that can go wrong with a tiled conservatory roof so there’s less need for you to carry out repairs after a couple of years.


A tiled roof will save you more money in the long run because of heating costs and repairs. But it is also far cheaper to replace your current roof than it is to install a whole new glass-roofed conservatory that may require replacing in ten years' time. If you would like to find out how to save more money on your conservatory roof replacement, speak to an expert who can advise you on the cost of a tiled roof and how it can save you money. This is much more cost-effective than splashing out on a completely new extension that would need to be built from scratch and allows you to make use of what you already have. It will also be much faster than building an entirely new structure, so minimises the impact on your daily life.

Increase Property Value

A key benefit of replacing your conservatory roof with tiles is that it increases your property value. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, then this may be something you choose to consider. An outdated conservatory can mean that potential buyers are put off if they think there are a lot of repairs to do on the property. A new tiled conservatory roof shows you not only care about the home but also choose to add improvements to make it better. This will increase the price you are able to sell your home at as people will be looking for homes that don’t require extra work to be done to them. Whatever money you invest in a roof replacement, you will make back on top of a profit once you have sold your home.

AKN Home Improvements - Conservatory Roof Replacements

Are you looking for a quality conservatory or conservatory roof replacement in the Hull area? Look no further than AKN Home Improvements. We are a team of experts with vast experience in the industry, ensuring your home improvements are carried out without a hitch. Our conservatories are of high quality and our customers are always overjoyed with the end product. Don’t wait any longer to update your old conservatory today. To learn more about the services we offer, get in touch today.

We pride ourselves on quality home improvements, so it doesn’t just stop at conservatory roof replacements. We also do garage conversions, canopies and porches, windows and doors, to make your home the best it can be. We hope to help clients increase their property value and create the home of their dreams. It can be as simple as a tiled conservatory roof. So don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We will be more than happy to help you complete your home improvements. Call us today on 01482 508702.



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