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What Can a Construction Company Do for You?

If you’re looking to make some home improvements, then you’ll want to ensure that you’re enlisting the help of a professional and reliable company whose staff know what they’re doing. You may find yourself stuck deciding on whether you need to find a specialist or if your local construction company will be able to get the job done.

When you hear ‘construction company’, it can be easy to imagine a broad spectrum of things - after all, they often offer such a range of services, yet one company may offer things that another doesn’t and vice versa. As such, we’ve put together this helpful guide describing all of the quality services you can expect to receive from AKN Home Improvements.

Garage conversion

Garage Conversions

As much as you may love your home, sometimes it can feel like you need more space, or perhaps it’s undeniable that you need more space. Whether you have a new addition to the family, your kids have grown up and need more room or you’re simply looking to have a space with a specific purpose that cannot be achieved elsewhere in your home, it can be frustrating when your reality does not meet your needs.

Many people may consider moving home, however given the current cost of living crisis and the extortionate rate houses are going for nowadays, this is an expense that more and more people cannot afford to make. Furthermore, lots of people are perfectly happy with their home and where they live, and don’t want to leave due to the sentimental value that their current home holds.

The next option people often consider, then, is an extension. Although, this is not always possible, either. Again, extensions can also be expensive, with the average cost being between £1,000-£3,000 per m2 alone. Not only that, but you may not have the room to extend - especially if you live in a terraced house and don’t want to compromise your garden space.

So, what’s the alternative? Garage conversions.

Unless you actually use your garage to store your car, it is likely that you’re instead using it as a glorified storage room rather than making the most use out of it. By converting it into something useful (whether that be a home office, dining room or anything in between), you will be utilising this space to its full potential. Furthermore, since the garage is already an existing part of your home, it will not require the same extent of materials or construction work as an extension would, making it much more affordable and a quicker process.

On the construction side of things, a typical garage conversion generally includes the installation of insulation, electrics, heating, new flooring and windows - the same features as all your existing rooms have. Then, once all of these have been finalised, it is a case of furnishing it and completing the interior design however you wish.

Conservatory & Conservatory Roof Installations

If you’re looking to create new space in your home, but are hesitant to expand out into your garden, then conservatories act as an excellent compromise. Not only do they provide you with an additional space that can be used to serve a number of purposes, but they allow you to still experience your garden space whilst staying protected from the elements.

They are easy to have installed quickly and efficiently and there are numerous types of conservatory, ranging from contemporary lean-to conservatories to Victorian and Edwardian styles or gable-ended conservatories - the style options are endless and a conservatory can be designed to suit any property, whether a modern home or period property.

Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of having a fully exposed room, then you may opt for an orangery, instead. While a conservatory has a brick base and a glass structure, an orangery is a brick structure with large windows. Orangeries are beautiful structures that may better blend in with the rest of your house, offering slightly more privacy than a conservatory yet still inviting ample amounts of light to enter your home.

Some construction companies that install conservatories (and orangeries) as part of their services may also specialise in conservatory roof installations, as AKN Home Improvements do. If you have a conservatory, you may find that it gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, meaning you likely don’t get as much use out of it as you could due to discomfort.

If this is the case, then you would benefit from a conservatory roof replacement. Nowadays, you can get fully insulated conservatory roofs, which help to keep your conservatory from getting too hot or too cold, so that it remains the perfect comfortable temperature all year round.

Window & Door Fittings

Sometimes an outdated door can make all the difference to your home - not just aesthetically, but safety wise, also. At AKN Home Improvements, we supply uPVC, composite and aluminium doors that can be suited to your requirements including your choice of door handle, door knocker and house number. These doors are what most modern doors are made of nowadays, providing better security whilst being long lasting compared to old doors, especially wooden ones.

Door fitters cannot only fit front doors, but they are also able to fit your garden doors for you, whether that be patio doors, bifold doors, French doors or conservatory doors.

And what comes hand in hand with doors? Windows! Having properly installed double-glazed uPVC windows further aids the security of your home, along with additional benefits. For example, double-glazed windows are twice as tough as single-glazed panels, block out more noise and help to keep your home warmer in the winter months. What’s more, they can last up to 35 years, so once you have them installed you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance!

At AKN Home Improvements, one of our professional fitters will take the necessary measurements where you plan on having your windows fitted and will discuss your style requirements with you. There are plenty of styles to choose from, whether that be sliding sash windows, bay windows, tilt and turn windows or casement windows - there is a style to suit any property whether traditional or contemporary, and you can even have them matched to your uPVC door.

Have you got a room with a flat roof, such as a garage conversion, that you’d like to open up more? Then a skylight window is also an option! Skylights let natural daylight flood into any space, making the room feel much more spacious and inviting.

Porches & Canopies

When space isn’t at a premium, porches can offer just that extra little bit or practicality for you. They act as somewhere to store your coats, shoes, umbrellas, dog walking necessities and any other things that would be useful for you to keep by the front door. In addition to this, they are easy to clean spaces that are ideal for keeping wet or muddy items without traipsing this into the house, helping to keep your home tidy.

A construction company can easily undertake and manage the task of adding a porch to the front of your home. As well as porches, they can also supply and install custom-made canopies in your garden, designed to complement your property.

Having a bespoke canopy is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy your garden at all times of year, since they provide both shade from the hot sun in the summer and shelter from the rain in the colder, wetter months.

AKN Home Improvements

Do you live in Hull or the surrounding area? If so then AKN Home Improvements is the company you need to carry out repairs, installations and improvements to your home. Serving Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, we are glazing specialists who provide a number of home improvement services, including all of those mentioned in this article.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you or to receive a free, no obligation quote regarding our services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.



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