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uPVC Double Glazing | The Benefits Of uPVC Windows

There are many benefits to including uPVC double-glazed windows in your home or business varying from outside noise reduction to reduced energy costs and consumption. This blog will inform you of the advantages of their installation and help you with your decision of deciding if they’re suitable for you.

Double glazed windows

Why is Double Glazing Eco-Friendly?

So what actually is double glazing? A tiny gap (about 16mm) is left between two panes of glass to create double glazing, which traps air between them to function as an additional layer of insulation for your home.

Your home loses around half of its heat through the walls, attic, and windows. That is a lot when you consider your heating expenditures; in actuality, you are paying the whole cost of heating but only receiving half of the benefit! Your energy expenses will increase as more heat is lost from your home, especially during the winter, and as a result, you will need to spend more energy to heat it. Additionally, if you use more energy, more fossil fuels will need to be burned to provide that energy, increasing global carbon emissions.

The installation of double glazing in your home is thought to lower carbon emissions by up to 680 kilogrammes annually.

Casement Windows Benefits

With casement windows, the glass is the only barrier standing between you and the view of the outside world. Casement windows provide the finest view experience since there are no portions dividing the glass to hinder vistas. Additionally, casement windows have less visual clutter since practically all of their hardware is built into the frame.

When closed, casement windows are incredibly effective at keeping the outside weather out and preserving the warmth inside your home. They may be tightly secured to weatherstripping to prevent outside air from entering. This improves the energy effectiveness of your house.

How Double Glazing Can Help Cut Costs

A house that is not energy efficient can lose between 18 and 25% of its heat via its windows, depending on how it was built.

Due to the fact that draughts are prevented and less heat is lost during the winter, a structure with double glazing has a warmer interior. The additional layer of glass in double glazing helps to exclude the sun's heat from entering during the hot summer months (particularly when blinds are present). Furthermore, double-glazing units often endure for up to twenty-five years. This demonstrates how they have to be replaced only very rarely and this coupled with the amount you will save on your heating bill suggests they can overall really help to cut your outgoings which is especially important at this moment in time due to the cost of living crisis we find ourselves in.

How much will your bills reduce?

Double glazing can contribute to a 30% reduction in your energy costs.

This is because it keeps your home insulated and stops heat from entering or leaving in the winter and summer. Additionally, you could be qualified for tax incentives or other financial aid from your local government if you install double-glazed windows, which would further lower the cost of this improvement.

Noise Pollution

Double glazing can also help to reduce the effects of noise pollution due to the two panes of glass' ability to absorb sound vibrations and decrease sound transmission, double glazing minimises outside noise. AKN Home Improvements LTD’s high-quality double glazing may lower sound levels by up to 35 decibels and can reduce noise by 20–65%. Furthermore, uPVC frames might aid in further attenuating noise vibrations because of their excellent sealing.

This can be extremely advantageous for the following reasons:

- If you happen to live on a particularly noisy road that is near busy traffic.

- You have unruly neighbours.

- You have a sound-sensitive member of your household that can be distressed by loud noises.

- You work from home a lot and need to have peace and quiet whilst doing so.

- From a commercial perspective, you may own an office which would benefit from double glazing so employees can work effectively without disruption.

- Your commercial business is a library.

Reduced Condensation - Mould

Condensation happens quickly when a window has only one pane of glass because the cold temperature outside frequently passes easily to the inside. However, you will notice significantly superior thermal insulation between the inside and exterior when double glazing is installed. As a consequence, condensation is significantly decreased, resulting in a warmer, healthier, and drier house.

In the same way, double-glazed windows may help lessen unwelcome condensation, as well as the resulting moisture damage, mildew and mould growth.

Having mould issues in your home can cause a numerable of health problems such as:

- Fevers in children

- A continuous cough

- If you suffer from asthma the attacks can be worsened

- Covid-19 cannot be fought off as effectively due to a weakened immune system caused by mould.

- More serious eczema flare-ups.

Thinking of Selling Your Home? -

Double glazing increases the value of your property in addition to saving you money on energy costs. The typical home's worth can rise by 10% with a new double-glazing installation. This is because they won't have to replace the windows themselves, buyers will be more inclined to purchase a property with more recent windows.

Many people today consider double glazing to be essential for increasing the value of your property. Energy efficiency is a key concern for home buyers as more individuals are concerned with lowering their carbon footprint and saving money on their energy bills. There is an Energy Performance Certificate for every home nowadays, and the kind of glass has a direct impact on the rating.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of uPVC double glazing is that very easy to maintain. Simply follow these steps to keep your double-glazed windows lasting the full 25 - 30 years!

- Cleaning your window frames and glass - Window cleaning keeps the components in good working order and prevents debris from collecting on the glass or frames. The longer you wait to clean windows, the more likely it is that dirt may adhere like cement and cause harm to the windows when you attempt to remove it. This only needs to be done once a month.

- Vacuum - Keep the tracks and runners of any sliding windows clear of grit. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use the vacuum cleaner's hose and move it around the window while it is open.

- Examining the hinges and latches - The window locks are made to endure just as long as the windows do. It's a good idea to unlock and open each window occasionally to make sure the lock is functioning properly.

As well as low maintenance double-glazed windows are also versatile meaning they can be applied to both sash windows and skylights depending on the type of windows which you desire.

Safe & Secure

Double glazing essentially creates two barriers between you and potential burglars, making it virtually burglar-proof. Additionally, the gas filling the holes serves as a shock absorber. It is significantly more probable that burglars will target cheaper-looking single & secondary glass windows rather than reinforced double or triple glazing because around 95% of break-ins involve some degree of force.

Reduce UV Toxicity

We all enjoy a little sunlight coming through our windows, but did you realise that the sun's strong rays may be harming your furniture? Have you ever noticed how an image taken close to a window appears faded? By installing double-glazed windows, you can reduce the quantity of UV radiation that can fade carpets, drapes, and other furniture within your house.

Double glazing installation Is Simple

Double glazing is one of the quickest and simplest home renovation tasks to finish. The installation procedure may often be finished in less than a day.

This indicates that you won't have to wait long to enjoy all the advantages that come with double-glazing windows. You'll notice a change in comfort and effectiveness right away, and you'll also end up spending less money overall on your energy bills.

AKN Home Installations can help with your uPVC window installation and offer advice on the different options available, such as skylights or tilt and turn windows. Please contact us for any more information on double glazing.



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