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5 Ways to Use Your Conservatory to Its Full Potential

Conservatories have heaps of potential; so much so that it can often be hard to decide how you’re going to make use of the extra space. There are, however, many options at your disposal that will seamlessly turn your conservatory into a functional space to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re in the process of building a conservatory, or want to breathe some life into your existing one, here are 5 ways to help inspire you to start making plans.

P-shaped conservatory

An Extra Bedroom

It might not be the most obvious choice, but an extra bedroom is actually a very practical way to make the most of the ample space that a conservatory offers. You could choose to either use it as a bedroom full-time, or instead make the space versatile by purchasing a sofa bed. You will, however, have to do some extra planning if you go for this option; blinds and heating will need to be factored in to ensure that your guests get a good night’s sleep.

A Dining Room

Not all of us are fortunate to have a separate dining room in our homes, but this is easily achievable with the help of a conservatory. Depending on the size of your conservatory, you may choose to have both a living and dining space, or otherwise simply use your dining table as the focal point of the room. If the room is smaller, a fold away table and chairs will allow you to make use of the space outside of mealtimes. Using your conservatory as a dining room is a great option if you enjoy hosting, as it provides you with a light, visually appealing area to entertain your guests.

A Home Office

If you frequently work from home but don't currently have room for a fixed working space, your conservatory can serve as a great home office. Opting for an Edwardian or gable front conservatory is a good idea in this scenario, as the square floor will be a better fit for your office furniture. Heating and blinds are also crucial for this option: a wall radiator or plug-in heater are essential for the colder months, and blinds will ensure that there isn’t any glare on your computer screen.

A Games Room

If you have a big family, transforming your conservatory into a games room is the perfect way to create a space in which everyone can relax and have fun. Away from your main living room, a conservatory games room allows you to keep the two separate - your living room can be kept for relaxing in - and it also offers additional storage space for toys and games.

A Greenhouse

Unlike an actual greenhouse, the indoor temperature of your conservatory can be regulated, making it the perfect place to grow a variety of plants if you’re an avid gardener. With the amount of natural light flooding in through the windows, your plants are bound to be happy and healthy all year round. You also have the added convenience of not having to step outside to water your plants, which is definitely appreciated in the colder months.

Bespoke Conservatory Roof Installation & Replacement Service

Give your conservatory a new lease on life with bespoke conservatory roofs from AKN Home Improvement. All of our conservatory roofs are fully insulated and come with a 10-year guarantee, so if your current roof isn’t living up to its potential, get in touch with us today.



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